Whether you're sizing up to accommodate a growing family or you've emptied the nest and are ready to go on your own adventures, one thing is certain: you'll need to prepare your home before you put it on the market, especially if you've spent the last couple of decades making it your own. Selling your home shouldn't be a stressful ordeal and choosing the right Chapel Hill Realtor can help make the process go smoother.

1. Work From the Outside In

Curb appeal is important for the real estate market. Consider your lawn, your landscaping, your driveway, and even your mailbox. Simply mowing the lawn is not enough. If old trees dot the landscape, have them removed. Plant shrubs or flowers that are easy to maintain and add visual appeal. Is your driveway old? Have it re-paved to make it more appealing and functional. Even your mailbox matters, so switch out the old, faded, rusted one in favor of something new that matches your home's style. 

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Go through each room of your home to declutter your home, removing anything that isn't necessary. Separate items into those you want to sell or donate and those you'd like to keep and rent a storage facility for the items you want to keep. Find a place for everything that you do leave in the home. The neater and more organized your place looks in the pictures, the more likely it is that you'll have interested buyers.

3. Clean and Then Clean Again

Basic sweeping and mopping are important, of course, but they are just the beginning. When was the last time you scrubbed the grout in the bathroom or washed the windows in the bedrooms? Are ceiling fans or light fixtures crusted in dust? Clean along baseboards, in often-ignored corners, and everywhere else you can think of. Consider odors as well. If you have pets in the home, if someone smokes, or if you use a lot of pungent foods and spices when cooking, you'll likely need to do odor control before hosting an open house. 

4. Focus on Things Behind the Scenes

The better repair your home is in, the more money you can request when trying to sell it. Focus on both the inside and outside of your home. Repair broken gutters and shutters, ensure all your light fixtures and ceiling fans work as they should, make sure that every step is safe and secure, and more. Consider the major appliances as well. How old is the HVAC unit? What about the water heater? If you're including kitchen appliances, updating them may be necessary as well. Remember, you'll have inspectors coming through your home, too, so be sure to focus on the things they will notice as well. 

5. Keep Things Neutral

Just like clutter, unique color schemes can also make it hard for potential buyers to picture themselves in your home. That bright blue kitchen may be the love of your life, but a neutral shade is more likely to appeal to new homeowners. Consider your furniture as well, switching out ultra-unique sofas or desks in favor of toned-down themes. Avoid patterns on anything and instead stick to shades of white, tan, or light gray.

Don't feel you need to go it alone when you're ready to put your home on the market. Contact the realty experts at Chapel Hill Realty Group to help you prepare your house and sell it for the best price possible. 


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