There are many reasons a person may consider purchasing a home without a Real Estate Agent. One of the most common is the belief of being responsible for paying the Realtor fees. When in fact, it is the seller who pays a commission to the Real Estate Agents. 

Sellers rely on agents to help them ensure you pay top dollar. Hiring your own Real Estate Agent helps to level the playing field for you. In short, you don’t need one, but it may be in your best interest to work with one.

We’ve put together the benefits of having a Realtor on your side to help the decision process easier. 

Potential Risk When Representing Yourself 

Many homeowners successfully represent themselves in sales. People with prior experience in real estate and sales are most likely to have this level of success; though not always. For instance, a Real Estate Agent who specializes in navigating commercial real estate leases on behalf of a business might be out of their depth when it comes to selling houses.

If the seller is dishonest or not forthcoming on issues related to the home, you could leave thousands of dollars on the table and overpay for your home. With the help of their agent, the seller could talk you out of doing your due diligence by wowing you with great cosmetics, using pressure tactics and offering a seemingly great price.

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Moving into your new home is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. However, ask any homeowner about the process leading up to that, and they will explain how frustrating it can be. Here’s how real estate agents can help alleviate that. 

Beat the Competition

Homes can sell very quickly - especially in positive economic times and in great locations. When you want to buy in a hot market, Real estate Agents can show you properties before the listing even goes live.

Community Knowledge

Many people believe they know an area well enough to negotiate for themselves because they live nearby. Sometimes just crossing the street in North Carolina can cause you to enter a completely different market. Agents know this and can negotiate more skillfully on your behalf.

Proper Transference

You have probably heard horror stories of homeowners who are about to move into their homes when the real owners or a second set of buyers show up. Real Estate Agents can assist you with completing all the due diligence steps that are in your hands to help prevent this.

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