Purchasing a property can feel both exciting and overwhelming: you'll face major decisions, like the physical location of your home, to minor ones, such as the height of the ceilings in your bedroom or if you need an outdoor pizza kitchen. The property's location should frame your decision, but what about the other details?

Location: The Place To Start

You may already know if you prefer the electric energy of downtown life or the quieter pace of the suburbs. Either way, focus on the land, not just the building. Ask yourself:

  What kinds of businesses or housing are in the immediate area?

  What kind of view do you want from your windows or outdoor spaces?

  Is the area developing at a pace with which you're comfortable?

  Are the local schools highly rated?

A home with outdoor views that bring you joy, whether a city skyline or a row of trees, will afford you, and future buyers, a more pleasant place to live (and possibly work!). You should also assess the effect of nearby land development into neighborhoods or commercial areas on your property's value. Finally, even if you don't have children, excellent local schools ultimately promote a higher return on your investment.

Outdoor Spaces: Growing Together

Families with children or pets value large yards and outdoor amenities, and the recent shift toward remote employment has further increased demand for these options. Wide, flat lawns provide play areas for children and pets, and the capacity for an upgrade such as a swimming pool or a fire pit can add to the lasting appeal of your property.

While a trendy outdoor kitchen with a beer tap and a pizza oven may be tempting, a comfortable patio with cabinetry and a grill constitute more reliable assets.

Design Trends: Standing the Test of Time

High-quality appliances and durable building materials are not a fad: planning for sustainability has become a primary concern for many homeowners. An induction cooktop and renewable energy sources in the HVAC system improve the home's resale value while protecting the environment.

Open-plan home designs have remained popular since the 1950s, as the reduced number of walls and doors lends a sense of space even in smaller homes. Well-placed windows add light and ambiance, and extra nooks can act as work-at-home offices. Since the work-from-home trend is here to stay, these additions will make your new home more pleasant for you and more attractive to future buyers.

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