No matter if you've sold a home before or this is your first time, you deserve to have professional help to get a fair price and sell your property as quickly as possible. You likely have plenty of real estate agent options to choose from, so how do you narrow your choices to find someone you feel comfortable with? Use these tips to keep from feeling overwhelmed. 

Use Search Engines

You cannot go wrong using search engines to look for qualified real estate agents in your area. Because you'll likely have more results than you know what to do with, it's important to have specific parameters. For instance, focus on agents with great customer reviews. You may also prefer an agent with a history of selling properties in your neighborhood.

Have Qualifications To Evaluate Agents By

Once you shorten your list of potential agents, use qualifications to help you make your final decision. Aim for agents who have at least five years of experience in the industry. This gives them enough time to create a network of resources, get used to the local market, perfect their selling strategies and learn how to handle various setbacks.

Another qualification is the number of houses an agent sells. Aim for agents who make at least one sale a week or at least 50 a year. This number shows the agent's commitment to clients and the industry.

Before making a final selection, double-check that the real estate agent has an active license in the state. Online real estate license verification databases and your state's real estate licensing division help with this. While there, do some digging to see if an agent has complaints or suspensions.

Interview a Few Agents

Websites, customer reviews and databases give you a lot of information about local real estate agents, but take it one step further. Once you have a final list of three agents, schedule interviews with them. A brief 15-minute conversation gives you a better feel for how the agent works, the results you may expect and how the two of you get along.

During the interview, let the agent know about the property you want to sell, such as its location, number of bedrooms and special features. Ask how well the agent knows your neighborhood, the number of clients she or he has currently, what makes the agent stand out from the competition and how the agent's fee structure works.

Go With Your Gut

As you explore real agent websites and client testimonials and interview agents, pay attention to how you feel about the agent. If something feels off about someone, keep looking, even if you cannot say why you get a bad feeling.

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