Curb appeal may sound like a real estate buzzword, but it’s so much more than that. What is the first thing that buyers notice about a house when they are looking? That’s right: the exterior of your home.

Curb appeal refers to that first impression your home makes and you want it to be a good one. Here are our top tips and tricks from our home selling experts for improving your home’s curb appeal, to improve your selling chances.

Why Curb Appeal Matters

Think of the houses around Chapel Hill with Southern charm and character that stand out to you without ever stepping a foot indoors. Even if the interior of your home is in perfect condition, you may not get as much attention as you would like if your exterior does not present well. 

Appearance does make a difference when it comes to buying and selling real estate. The last thing you want when selling your home is for buyers to overlook it because the garage door needs to be replaced, an awning is loose or the lawn needs to be mowed.

Where To Focus Your Efforts

You probably look at your home almost every time you pull into the driveway, but how often do you really look at it? Do it from the perspective of a buyer and see what you notice. One thing’s for sure - buyers don’t miss a thing, which is why you should turn a critical eye to your home’s exterior. Here are some common areas that buyers may notice first, and a good place to start when looking at your home: 


How old is your roof? Does it look like it needs to be replaced? Are there piles of leaves overflowing the gutters?

At the least, get your roof inspected and make any necessary repairs. Also, get those gutters cleaned!


Is your front door welcoming? Perhaps it could use a fresh coat of paint or stain. Consider other touches, such as improved lighting, a new doormat and other accents that make your home look inviting. Keep it simple, though; too many outdoor decorations may have the opposite effect.

Yard and Landscaping

A well-maintained property reflects the care you have for your home. Have your lawn trimmed and edged, and prune any overgrown trees or bushes.

And don’t underestimate the selling power of fresh mulch! 

Brick or Siding

Does your home need a good cleaning? Break out the power washer to clean dirt and mold off your home’s exterior. While you’re at it, clean your windows, garage doors and driveway; they probably need it too.

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