Historic Chapel Hill

The Chapel Hill Historic District encompasses much of the UNC Campus, as well as the residential sections outside of the campus and downtown Chapel Hill. At about 328 acres, it's one of the smaller neighborhoods in Chapel Hill, but has the longest history and some of the most unique architecture in the city.

Three Unique Historic Neighborhoods With Unique Architecture

Within the National Chapel Hill Historic District, there are three different recognized historical neighborhoods: The Cameron/McCauley Historic District, the Franklin/Rosemary Historic District, and the Gimghoul Historic District.

Most of the buildings in these districts trace their roots back to the 1920s, when significant development was done around UNC. However, there are many structures and buildings that go back even further in the history of Chapel Hill. These include the Chapel of the Cross, The Playmakers Theatre, The Phillips House, and The Old Methodist Church.

Many of these homes and structures were crafted with care in the Jacobean and Classical Revival styles. Gothic and classical elements are common in homes in these areas, which are often intricately detailed, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Walkable And Luxurious Homes In The Heart Of The City

Many of the most valuable properties in Chapel Hill are located in the Chapel Hill Historic District, due to their unique design and location in the heart of the city. Real estate here is very expensive, and often out of the budget range of many home buyers.

In addition, renovations and additions to homes in the Historic Chapel Hill district must be approved by the Historic District Commission.

However, this is still a highly desirable neighborhood. Dozens of shops and restaurants are within walking distance, and the location near UNC makes it a very popular neighborhood for professors and other academic staff.

Located In The Top Rated Chapel Hill And Carrboro School District

Elementary, middle, and high school education is provided by the nationally-ranked Chapel Hill/Carrboro school district. Residents in any neighborhood in the Historic District have access to walkable schooling, allowing children and teenagers to freely walk to and from school.

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