Whether you’re moving because you’ve outgrown your current home, have taken a job across the city or country, or simply ready for a change - the thought of selling your home fast can be overwhelming. Afterall, your home is a major investment and it’s important to get what you feel is fair out of the work and money you’ve put into it. 

There are different strategies you can take when it comes to negotiating the best price for your home, and it’s important your realtor takes on the best approach in your particular situation.

How do you know which is the right approach? Well, with the help of the right real estate team, and knowing various strategy options, can help you to the best of your advantage. Our team of home selling experts in The Triangle area, put together the top 5 strategies you can take, in order to improve your chances of getting the price you want for your home. Check them out below. 

1. Don't Accept the First Offer

Most prospective homebuyers expect some negotiation. Don't let fear of not selling push you into accepting an offer below what you really want. Many sellers will counter somewhere in the middle of the listing price and initial offer. This isn't the best way to get top dollar, though. 

Consider countering their first offer with your listing price or slightly less. This shows you believe your price is fair and you are confident in your ability to sell. Although there is some risk, this can get you closer to the price you actually want. 

2. Ask for a Second Offer

This is a version of countering with your listing price. Instead of making a counteroffer, simply reject the offer outright and ask the potential buyer to submit a second, more reasonable offer. This is risky, so make sure you have your home listed at an appropriate price. That way homebuyers know you have a right to be asking that price and are not trying to simply turn a high profit. 

3. Counteroffer With an Expiration Date

When you are going back and forth between offers, it is generally considered unethical to also be accepting offers from other buyers. Keep yourself from getting tied up too long in negotiating with one party by putting an expiration date on your counteroffer. Remember that the more days your home is listed, the less appealing it becomes to prospective buyers and the more advantage they will have in offering lower prices. 

4. Encourage Competition Between Buyers

Open houses are an excellent way to get multiple buyers interested simultaneously. This has the added benefit of creating fear that the house might get stolen out from under their feet by the other attendees of the open house if they don't move quickly. Buyers may offer higher numbers than they would if they thought they were the only prospective buyer, or may even accept the listing price outright. 

5. Consider Paying Closing Costs

Many sellers are now offering to pay closing costs. While this is attractive to buyers, it actually can lead to you getting a better price as buyers are willing to pay more over the course of their mortgage knowing they are getting something up front. Because closing costs require cash at purchase, this can appeal to buyers who don't have a lot of funds but can borrow more on their loans. 

Work With The Triangle’s Best! 

When it comes to your real estate agent, don’t take any chances. Work with a team that will work for you and with you - and will help you every step of the way, so that you can sell your home in a timely manner and move forward with your next home. 

The price you want for your home doesn't have to be out of reach. By following these tips and enlisting the help of Chapel Hill Realty Group, you have a strong chance of more money in your pocket with less stress on you. Contact our team online, or call us directly at (919) 942-4149 today!