If you have found yourself on the receiving end of trying to buy or sell a home during the coronavirus pandemic, you may have experienced additional pressures and stress as we navigate these challenging times in our economy.

However, while many industries are feeling incredible impacts, home buyers and home sellers have still been active, especially in The Triangle area where the market conditions are still considered to be “Hot”!

In fact, this is a great time to buy a home – so don’t stress when it comes to these Covid-19 times and buying a home. Our team has put together tips on how you can proceed safely in the home buying process during these unprecedented times.

Keep an Eye on Mortgage Rates

In regards to mortgage rates, buyers will need to remain flexible to some degree. The Federal Reserve has already lowered rates twice this year, but the effects are mainly on short-term loans, not mortgages. Usually, the mortgage rate drops when the economy struggles, but since the current situation is changing so fast, mortgage rates may not remain stagnant.

Start the Buying Process Early

Due to the coronavirus, the home buying process is taking longer than usual. For this reason, you may want to get a head start on the entire process. Start working with a lender even before your offer is accepted. Currently, lenders have been overwhelmed with refinancing applications, so you will want to act fast if you want to buy your dream home.

Utilize Virtual Tours

Even before the pandemic, virtual tours have been becoming more and more popular. For starters, they help you rule out any homes you are definitely not interested in – leaving more time to do in-person tours for the ones you do have interest in. So, take advantage of this when you can.

Practice Safe Distancing 

When it comes to meeting your realtor, or others within the home buying industry, limit where you can. Emails, calls and online meetings are more acceptable during these times. However, when you do find you need to meet in person, limit contact and follow some of the basic social distancing practices, like the following: 

      Take a car separate from your realtor when touring homes

      Use sanitizer before and after a tour, or meeting 

      Avoid touching any surfaces during the tour

      Wash your hands after the tour

      Wear face masks

      Bring your own pen, if signing paperwork 

Taking the steps listed above can reduce your risk of catching or transmitting the virus.

Find a Realtor Who Takes the Virus Seriously

Finally, you will want to find a realtor who takes the coronavirus and its threat seriously. The virus can be deadly, so you and your realtor will want to take every precaution possible. Enjoy buying your home, but remember we are in the midst of a pandemic.

Ready to Find Your Dream Home? 

No matter what your comfort level is during these unprecedented times, our expert team of realtors will help you navigate through the home buying process every step of the way. 

If you are ready to start looking for your dream home, call our team at (919) 942-4149 or visit us online to see our listings today!