There are many key factors that play roles in the success of selling a home. Selling your house can actually be an easy, positive experience for both you and your buyer - as long as you are setting yourself up for success in the right areas.

It is important to give yourself every advantage for a quick sale from the very beginning and home staging is a great place to start for maximum buyer appeal. Statistics from the Real Estate Staging Association show that staged homes sell faster than unstaged homes. In fact, homes that were pre listed staged were sold within 23 days on average, while unstaged homes averaged a whopping 143 days until they were sold. Staged homes also garnered a higher price than unstaged.

Looking at selling your home? Don’t stress - our expert selling team has put together a list of our top tips when it comes to staging your home for sale. 

1. Stage the Important Rooms

The kitchen, living room and master bedroom tend to be the most lived in rooms of a home, therefore the most important when it comes to potential buyers. Focus on these rooms as your top priorities when it comes to your staging efforts and money. 

2. Remove Personal Items

The only way a buyer will purchase a home, is if they truly can envision themselves living in it. Putting your personal items away (such as framed photos, clothing, etc) will help them get there and can help increase opportunities for a sale to happen. 

3. Make Your Space Sparkle

Cleaning your home from top to bottom is critical to attract buyers and achieve a fast sell. A clean home encourages buyer confidence that the sellers maintained and cared for their property. Dirty or unkept spaces can be a quick turn off. 

4. Lighten Up The Space 

Homes with light and bright spaces are more appealing than dark ones. Open drapery and blinds, as well as turn on lighting to create bright rooms and spaces. 

5. Consider Furniture Arrangement

When it comes down to it, you are selling a livable space. Store large, bulky and unnecessary furniture to highlight the roominess of a home. It also allows potential buyers to better picture their own furniture in the home. 

6. Fresh Touches & Smells 

Adding a bowl of green apples or a vase with fresh flowers to a room will create a cheery, healthy ambiance. Or perhaps, consider baking fresh cookies before an open house or tour- the aroma will bring a true sense of “home” to a house. 

7. Fix & Repair

Like cleaning, repairing minor items in the home is important. Touch up small flaws with paint and repair any handles or loose items that buyers may come in contact with.

8. Declutter Your Clutter

A minimalist space is appealing to buyers opening closets and pantries. Be sure to store or toss items that may hinder the visual appeal of your house. The focus should be on the actual house, not your things

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