This year has been a challenge for practically everyone, but that doesn't mean that you should avoid putting your house on the market. If you're ready to sell, you can take advantage of historically low interest rates that are attracting buyers left and right.

Whether you've sold a home before or this is your first time, you likely have a few questions about the process. The following answers may help you decide whether selling in 2020 is the right choice for you.

1. How Much Should I Sell My Home For?

Currently, home values are continuing to increase. That means that you can get a good chunk of change out of your home if it has equity. However, some experts expect that home prices may drop in the future. How much you decide to sell your home for should be based upon an appraisal. These professionals use their expertise in your specific area to determine a realistic asking price that you're likely to be happy with.

2. How Can I Increase the Value of My Home?

If you don't have much equity in your home, you can increase its value by making some minor or major changes, depending on your budget. If you have a lot to spend, consider a remodel. New kitchens are big selling points, as are energy-efficient windows, updated roofs and landscaping renovations. If your budget is limited, you can replace appliances or even just repaint to increase the value.

3. How Long Does it Take To Sell My Home?

The length of time your home could be on the market varies based on the time of year and your location, but on average most homes sell within two to three months. Most experts agree that if a home has been listed for over six months it may be time to take it off the market and try again at a future date.

4. Will Coronavirus Affect the Selling of My Home?

Earlier in 2020, home sales dropped dramatically, simply because most people were stuck at home. As more things have opened up, home sales have rebounded slightly, but you can expect that the COVID-19 pandemic could have an impact on selling your home, likely due to social distancing guidelines and changes to traditionally face-to-face real estate processes (want tips on buying during the Pandemic? Click HERE). 

5. How To Pick a Great Real Estate Agent?

Finding a real estate agent who will work for you and with you to sell your home is essential. Contact our team at Chapel Hill Realty Group to find the right real estate agent for you today!